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I am a student of Qspiders.I want all my dear friends to know how to fill your details in their database management –Qenquiry. Which is then used by the qspiders for future placement activities.In my first class, I mean Demo class of qspiders.



According to my experience ,Mr Girish Sir asked us to go directly for qenquiry.com in our browser.The reason is Google still didn’t indexed their website link in search engine. As a blogger myself,i want atleast one link to show up in google search engine for qenquiry.which helps student to know what is qenquiry actually means.

Courses available

In Qspiders,the student have an option to continue or quit the course in the demo class itself.Actual class of a course starts after a week ..In the mean time they will give a form to fill all your credentials like email id,mobilenumber,firstname and Last name, with this you need to submit 2 photos for uploading it in your personal database account of qenquiry. As soon as you enter the details in the form . After 2 days they will only create an account for you by giving your email id as your username and mobile number as your password.
qenquiry-database management
After getting your account ,please log in to qenquiry.com and enter your login details email id(username)mobile number (password) for the first time.Later you can change your password inside your account.Inside your account for the first time you will get a form to fill your personal details and marks obtained in your studies etc and then submit.Once you submit you don’t get another chance to reenter your details .So carefully fill the form properly for the first time itself.
In the left side bar you can go through some experienced resume and fresher s resume. By looking at it you will get a basic idea on how to write a resume for test engineers. There is a separate edit tab inside your account where you can only reenter your password and change your password from your mobile number to some other password.
So this is what i wanted to share with my friends.Thanks for reading my article .Hope you like it.

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